Christina "Tina" Bowman Brown

Profile Updated: June 30, 2009
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Where do you live now? Morgantown, WV USA
Living with someone? Married? To who? When? How long? Married - Brian
Kids? 2 children
What is your occupation? Any other jobs? It is highly confidential
Yes! Attending Reunion
Still have family around the area?


Grand Kids?

None thankgoodness. With a 3 month old and a 6 year old -grandkids would have made National News.

Past jobs?

You need a security clearance to find out.

What did you do right after high school?

I thought I would find myself. I found myself broke so I went to college. Go Mountaineers!!

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when finished high school?

President of the United States, but I couldn't pass the background check.

Did you end up having a career in what you thought you would be doing?

I don't think so.

High points of your life since high school:

I am unable to comment since it may incriminate others.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?


Favorite Neshaminy memory:

I will have to take the 5th

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to you time at Neshaminy?

Go to the beach more often

What is the furthest you have been from home?


Favorite place to visit.

Walmart - ha ha

What did you always want to do that you have not done yet?

Hit the lottery

What would be be surprized to know about you?

I have frequent guest appearances on the Iron Chef. I am well acquaianted with Bobby Flay.

Did you have any nicknames in high school?

Not that I am aware of

Any nicknames now?

Not that I would like share

Cool things you have done.

Everything I do is cool!

Famous or intereting people you have met.

Pam Rawlins
John Rogers II
Dr. Anne McKnight

Body Piercings or Tatoos?

My lips are sealed

How and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Re-doing this highschool reunion questionnaire


Can't wait to see ya all!

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